Wild Angelicas in Hibertraum


Wild Angelicas and Feminist Library in Hilbertraum Berlin, Germany 2.- 11.3.2018

Wild Angelicas – named after a common and robust plant of damp meadows, ditches and wet woodlands – is an artists group consisting of Maria Duncker, Anne Hiekkaranta, Mimosa Pale, & Niina Lehtonen Braun. For this exhibition they have proposed a sparkling fountain, installed within an imaginary landscape that creates a stage for poetry, performance and public participation.

The work installed on a tree outside the gallery is named Foliage/ Blattwerk/ Lehvästö. its made of reflecting fabrics and metal wire.

Amongst other more spontaneous performers we had the pleasure of having PANXI performing on our pool stage.

Pictures: Mirka Raito, Bernhard Ludewig, Oona Heleena, Rachel House